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DJ Casey Dude - Breaking down stereotypes with Mencap

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 | Blog

DJ Casey Dude, known as Casey to his friends and family, is a young, up-and-coming DJ from the Huddersfield area. Casey has Down Syndrome, and over the past year he has worked alongside Mencap to promote ‘Here I Am’, a campaign aiming to dispel the myths associated with learning disabilities.  


Mencap created the ‘Here I Am’ campaign, to change the way the world views people with learning disabilities and highlight the inequalities faced by those with a learning disability. In the UK 1.4 million people have a learning disability, but only 6% are in paid employment.


Casey chose a career in the music industry he told us: “I have always loved music, especially club and rock music. That love of music inspired me to start DJing around six years ago and then three years ago, John Johnson, a 30 year veteran of the UK DJ scene, became my mentor.”


Rather than letting Down Syndrome restrict his abilities, Casey has shown the world he is not characterised by the condition: “I had the chance to DJ my first professional gig this year, playing to a crowd of over 3,000 people at King’s Festival in Cambridge.”


Casey’s work with Mencap has put him in the spotlight and enabled him to inspire others to take a different view of those with Down Syndrome. Casey recently remixed a negative quote about Down Syndrome, take a look here and see his spin on it here.


Casey told us about his experience of working with Mencap: “It means everything to me to be part of the campaign and it has been amazing so far. I’ve experienced so many great things and I’m excited to be part of the journey.


I want to inspire others and show them you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.”


Casey isn’t alone in driving the ‘Here I am’ campaign there are several other people telling their inspirational stories of life with a learning disability - you can find out more here.  


Casey is much like any other young adult: “I love fashion and regularly design my own t-shirts. I also enjoy creating playlists for my DJ Casey Dude YouTube Channel. My favourite DJs are Calvin Harris and David Guetta, I love their music!


Casey’s energy and positive attitude are an inspiration. He has shown that it is possible to achieve your goals and aspirations. We asked Casey if he had any advice for other people with learning disabilities: “If you'd like to try something just go for it, you can do anything. Having a disability is not a barrier.”


Before we ended our chat with Casey, he told us one last thing:

Disability shouldn’t hold you back, just go for it.”

We agree, Casey.


If you would like to find out more about Mencap, please visit their website.

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