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Five tips to make you more employable in the healthcare industry

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 | Blog

With compliance, training and experience an essential requirement for all healthcare jobs, it can often be all too easy to forget about the little things. When your fellow applicants are all so busy on the essentials, it can only take a little extra thought to help you standout from the crowd.


Be Proactive


A proactive approach to finding work is an ideal way to get one step ahead of other candidates.. Calling an employer before applying for a role is an excellent way to showcase your interest, learn more about the position available and improve your application.. It will also give you the chance to introduce yourself to the employer before you become ‘another CV’.  


Top tip: Now you have a point of contact, address your application directly to them. That way your application won’t get lost in the admin pile at reception!


Punctuality is Essential


If you cannot make it on time for your interview, how can they be sure you will arrive on time at the care home or customer’s house? Arriving 10 minutes early demonstrates good time management and will leave the employer with no concerns about your punctuality. Arriving just in the nick of time or, even worse, late is going leave you on the back-foot before you even begin.  


Top tip: Arriving early is an excellent habit to get into, but arriving too early can be as bad as arriving late. Try and arrive 10 minutes to make the right impression.


Proofread Everything


Written communication is a basic task in any job role, but in the healthcare industry strong communication is especially essential for smooth handovers and to keep everybody involved safe. If the employer sees a grammatical error straight away on your application, they may not be comfortable with your communication skills and may disregard you before you even make the interview stage. Proof reading your entry is a two minute task, butit could mean the difference between being invited for interview and getting rejected straight away!


Top tip: Read your application backwards! It’s all too easy when proof reading to read what something should say, but when you read it backwards you are reading each word individually, making sure spelling is all correct.


Appearance is Everything


Would you like to be cared for by someone in jeans and a t-shirt? This is always at the forefront of an employer's mind in the healthcare industry, as they want to make sure their customers will be comfortable being cared for by their healthcare assistants and nurses. When you first arrive at your interview, they will be looking for someone who is smartly dressed, presentable and approachable. It doesn’t always have to be a full suit, but smart office attire should become an essential part of everyone's interview preparation.


Top tip: Don’t be afraid to wear the same outfit to different interviews. The important thing is you look smart and professional, not that you have a wardrobe full of the latest fashion statements.


Professional Mannerisms


Following appearance, your next chance to impress comes in the form of a polite hello and maintaining a professional manner throughout your interview. Not only will this reflect your personality and professionalism, it is also an indication how you will reflect the company when your are working amongst customers and other healthcare assistants, support workers and nurses. A confident handshake, polite greeting and keeping answers and discussion professional will always help you get one step closer to a job offer.


Top tip: Before answering a question, don’t be afraid to take a quick moment to compose yourself and think of your answer. It can help you stay focussed and remain professional.


We hope these tips will help you in your search for a new job as a nurse, HCA, support or homecare worker. If you are feeling inspire, you can take a look at our available positions now on our jobs page!


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