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4 ways you can earn extra money this summer

Friday, June 30th, 2017 | Blog

Summer is an expensive time of the year. There are lots of holidays to take into consideration, along with days out with friends and family. If you’re a parent you may also have to factor childcare into the equation, fitting work into the mix when you have the time. What if we told you that Kare Plus can help you work around your responsibilities, in a way that will give you some extra money during the busy, and expensive summer months?


It may sound too good to be true, but Kare Plus can offer you a variety of shifts depending on your availability. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for nursing jobs, healthcare assistant roles, or a position in home care, Kare Plus will have something that fits you. It may be an extra shift on the weekend, or simply one more shift a week on top of your established work schedule.

1. Home Care - Flexible Hours

Home care enables customers to retain their freedom by receiving the care that they need within their homes, but where does that benefit you? Many home care positions are very flexible, giving you the chance to fit in shifts when you have the time available. So not only are you providing care to someone who needs it, you are working during a time that best suits you.

2. Nursing Jobs - Bank shifts

If you’re a registered nurse, it’s fairly likely that you are already working within a nursing job - this doesn’t mean you can’t pick up an extra shift over the weekend though. Many of our Kare Plus branches have bank shifts available that fit around your availability. That extra shift a week could pay towards a much needed holiday before the summer is over!

3. HCA Jobs - Variety in your working life

If you’re an experienced healthcare assistant sat at home thinking that you need to find care work, why not get in touch with Kare Plus? We have a variety of roles and environments you can work in this summer, and we’ll try our hardest to meet your availability. That way you can earn money by working, and still have the availability to care for children, or simply enjoy the summer sun.

4. Nursing Roles - Hours to fit your availability

Are you currently working full-time as a nurse? Do you want a part-time schedule over the summer period so you have some more free time? Kare Plus has you covered. Many Kare Plus nurses choose to work on a part-time basis, fitting their nursing careers around responsibilities and hobbies. This means you can continue to earn money during summer, whilst balancing other responsibilities.


Kare Plus has a variety of positions available across the country, depending on your location. To find out how you can earn some extra money over the summer months, please use our branch locator to get in touch with your closest Kare Plus Branch. If you’re still figuring out how to get into the healthcare industry, please read the following blogs; Five steps you can take to towards becoming a nurse, Five ways to become a HCA and 5 reasons why home care is a great starting point.


Please use our branch locator to see if your local Kare Plus has positions available.








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