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7 ways you can stay safe this festival season - World Music Day

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 | Blog

We love music here at Kare Plus, so much so that we rarely turn down the opportunity to have a good chinwag about it.

Music is a universally enjoyed art; it doesn’t matter if you love relaxing classical music, or energetic dance music, every single one of us enjoys the medium in some way. Even if you claim not be a music fan, just turn the music off while watching a blockbusting movie; music is often a huge factor in the success of a movie, this is evident in the amount of film soundtrack album releases: Good Morning Vietnam, Bladerunner, Dirty Dancing, 8 Mile, Inception, Mama Mia and Shawshank redemption are to name a few. Soundtrack albums aside, how could you possibly think of films like E.T., Starwars, Jurassic Park without their emotive classic intros? Music plays a big part in adding emotion to films, games & many other mediums or indeed, situations. Honestly - can you name a great party that didn’t have music?

World Music Day is an international event that brings the people together to share their love and passion of music. The day is celebrated with a multitude of events across the world, but the concept actually originated in France during 1982. Since then, the event has evolved into an all day festival in France, named Fête de la Musique. Festivals are an excellent way for people to gather together and enjoy some of their favourite music. As with any public event though, safety is incredibly important. This is why we have written a short guide to staying safe on World Music Day, and at any other festivals this Summer.

1. Water

If you only take one bit of advice away from this list, please let it be that water is a vital necessity at festivals. You’ll be eating lots of terrible food all weekend, and some people will be drinking lots of alcohol. Having a ready supply of water will eliminate the possibility of dehydration, something that would surely bring the your festival weekend to an early stop.

2. Learn your surroundings and important points of interest

Festivals are huge events that can be attended by up to 100,000 people. Learning points of interest around the camp will make your experience far more enjoyable. The first thing to learn is where your campsite and tent are in relation to the event site, along with the places you can get water and food. It’s also worth learning where the event security and organisers are based, so you’ve got someone to go to if you get lost, or if you spot trouble.

3. Stay in groups

The whole point of attending a festival is to have fun with your friends, but you should also look out for one another. When travelling anywhere around the festival, you should ideally be with a friend. If that isn’t possible, make your friends aware of your location. It’s very easy to fall ill at festivals as the mix of sun, alcohol and dehydration can be too much, so having friends that know where you are can potentially stop you getting seriously hurt.

4. Drink responsibly

A lot of people like to have a drink whilst watching live events, but it’s important that alcohol is consumed responsibly. This is especially important at festivals; you will spend the majority of your day in the sunlight, and you will likely eat very sporadically. This means you will be even more susceptible to the dangers of over drinking, and it could mean that you miss out on the act you’ve been waiting all weekend to see.

5. Follow relevant social media channels

Festivals are huge events, and it’s possible for absolutely anything to happen. This is why you should try to keep as aware about the event as possible. Following the relevant social media channels will give you instant access to the latest updates. Failing that, you should keep an ear out for any announcements that are made at stages around the festival.

6. Take suitable clothing

The weather can often vary greatly during a festival weekend, so it’s important that you take suitable clothing. Make sure you’re prepared for any eventuality, whether it be rain, sunshine or anything else. Getting caught short could lead to illness either end of the spectrum, whether it be sun stroke or hypothermia.

7. Sun Cream

We’ve already mentioned how important hydration is if you plan to spend all day in the sun, but it’s vital that you take care of your skin as well. Make sure you pack a sufficient supply of suncream in your bag, as a friend might forget theirs. No matter how much you are enjoying the festival, a bad bout of sunburn is definitely going to diminish the experience.

As we go into the festival season, it’s important that everyone remains safe and enjoys their time. If there are any tips you have for remaining safe at festivals this year, please comment below.

We must also mention the great effects that we have found music has on those living with dementia, if this interests you please visit our blogs about music unlocking doors for those with dementia, Memory Playlists – Exploring the link between music and dementia & An interview with Hannah Peel, the singer-songwriter battling dementia with music


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