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A cure for your allergies could well be on the way soon

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 | News

A team of researchers have found what could be the ‘holy grail’ of allergy research.


The test on mice resulted in scientists having the ability to turn off the allergic response, this was achieved through exposing the mice to allergens which in turn desensitised them.


The mice in the tests all had a preconditioned allergy to a protein found in egg whites. Scientists injected the mice with genetically modified cells that were tasked with turning off the allergic response to the protein


Similar research has been conducted in the past, but the results have never been replicated in human trials. This new research hopes to get human trials started in the next 6 years, with the hope that allergies could be completely cured in the future.


The researchers hope the cure is as simple as going to the doctors and receiving a simple jab. It is hoped that this vaccine will keep you protected for the rest of your life. It would mean that those with a peanut or seafood allergy - along with any other allergies - would be able to live without the fear of ingesting something potentially fatal. The researchers are also hoping the study could lead to an asthma cure.


Gene therapy is still a long way off; human trials won’t begin for another six years, and If they are successful, it could take another six years to get the cure to market. Regardless of the uncertainty surrounding the research, it is still a big step forward

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