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Do you know the signs of breast cancer?

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 | Blog

A new viral campaign by World Wide Breast Cancer has taken the internet by storm with its simple but effective way of highlighting the potential signs of breast cancer.


The campaign uses a photo of lemons  to help raise awareness of the different visual clues of breast cancer.


The campaign was started with the goal of encouraging more women to regularly check their breasts. A survey by BreastCancerNow.Org found that nearly 46% of women across the UK do not check their breasts regularly, or even at all. This figure is likely to be worse in countries where women don’t have the freedom of regular access to information about breast cancer awareness.


The campaign has been wildly successful so far, with its message reaching 166 million people during January. The campaign has reached India, Japan, Myanmar, Turkey and many other countries. The universally friendly content has made a huge impact on breast cancer awareness, teaching people across the world what they need to look for.


In the United Kingdom alone, 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and in 2014, there were 11,433 deaths as a result of the disease. Breast cancer is the second highest cause of cancer deaths globally. That’s a lot of people, and unfortunately, many of the cases are often preventable with the right education. This is why awareness of this nature is vital, because breast cancer is far more treatable the earlier it is diagnosed. An earlier diagnosis can mean a significant increase in the success of treatment which, in turn, can dramatically increase survival rates and life expectancy.


To find out more about World Wide Breast Cancer, please visit the website.


Please share and tag your friends and family so we can raise awareness of the signs of breast cancer.


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