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Five reasons why nurses are awesome

Thursday, May 11th, 2017 | Blog

On the 12th May each year, the world comes together to celebrate International Nurses’ Day. Nurses work tirelessly 365 days of the year, so it doesn’t hurt all of us to spend one day truly appreciating how selfless and hardworking those in the nursing profession are.


We obviously don’t want you to approach random nurses in the street with cake and party hats - even though some nurses may love that idea - but it would just be enough to just to  take a few moments to realise how much nurses give up, in order to provide us with the care we need.

We’re going to list a few of the reasons why nurses are so awesome. This list is by no means exhaustive, so please do feel free to add a few of your own in the comments below.

Nurses have strong stomachs

No matter how good you think you are at dealing with gross things, it’s guaranteed that nurses have seen, touched and smelt far worse during the course of their career. Day-to-day life includes a bevy of bodily fluids and injuries that many of us will only ever see through one of those hospital A&E programs on TV. So just remember that nurses are not only able to comfort and care, but they also deal with the gross things that many of us wouldn’t be able to.

Nurses are friendly

Nurses have more friends than you, me and anyone else that you can think of. They are a friend to anyone that they treat, offering them comfort, care and a cup of tea should they need one. A nurse obviously can’t be “bezzies” with every patient they meet, but they are often a friend during a person’s time in need.

Nurses are knowledgeable

I watch a lot of Scrubs, a medical drama/comedy that is praised for it’s surprisingly realistic depiction of modern medicine. No matter how much I like to think the show has taught me about medicine, my knowledge of healthcare will never come close to that of a nurse. The amount of knowledge nurses store in their minds through training and their entire career is baffling. What makes it even more impressive is that nurses constantly add to their collective knowledge throughout their career in order to remain registered. If you’d like a few handy tips on revalidation, please check out our blog here.

Nurses never stop!

Nurses, along with other healthcare professionals, walk a lot during a typical shift. On average, it can range anywhere from 4-7 miles per shift, which is a good few miles above what most people walk during a day. Nurses put an incredible strain on their body with each shift they work, which is why it is no surprise that they are 48% more likely to suffer back, neck or ankle strains whilst on a shift. So it is worth remembering that nurses risk their own health to ensure they can improve the wellbeing of others.

Nurses are trustworthy

Nurses are a constant source of comfort for many people going through a tough time. People trust nurses with personal information and details, as well as trusting them to tell the truth. Don’t just take my word for it though, nurses were voted the most trustworthy profession in the U.K at the end of 2016 in the Ipsos Mori Veracity Index. We trust nurses with our lives, our wellbeing and our most personal information; if that doesn't make nurses awesome, what does?


Nurses really are awesome. They give so much to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of other people. If you know a nurse, make sure you thank them for all of their hard work. If you would like to add more reasons nurses are awesome to our list, please comment below.


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