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Five reasons why healthcare is a great career

Monday, April 24th, 2017 | Blog

We’ve already listed some of the ways you can get into the healthcare industry, but we haven’t discussed why you should. Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries due to a rapidly increasing and ageing population. . The demand for roles is high, but there many other benefits alongside the reliability of the roles - we’ve listed some of them for you.


The demand for healthcare is constantly growing, this is in part due to the growing and ageing population brought on by advances in modern medicine. The population of the UK alone is expected to hit 70 million in the next decade. The growing population means there will always be a demand for healthcare services, meaning a stable job that has plenty of room for advancement.


Due to the nature of the healthcare industry, there will always be room to develop and improve your skills. Healthcare providers always want to keep their staff up-to-date on the latest technology, ensuring they are able to provide the best level of care possible. There is also room for career advancement in healthcare because many employers will offer advancement into better paying roles.


No matter where you travel across the world, there will always be one constant; the need for care. If you have experience and qualifications within the healthcare field, you can pretty much take them anywhere in the world with you and still find a job - it’s one of the few, truly universal career paths.


Those who work in the healthcare industry are saving people’s lives on a day-to-day basis, and unsurprisingly there aren’t many other roles than can offer that kind of fulfilment. As a healthcare professional you will be solely responsible for the wellbeing of patients, so when they do thank you for your help, you know you’ve affected a person’s life positively.


One of the benefits of working in the healthcare industry is the level of flexibility it can provide to people. There are shift patterns to cater for all needs, even if you want to exclusively work nights! Many people choose to study while in health care, meaning they can fit their work life around studies.


There are so many excellent benefits of working in the healthcare industry, there is without doubt some we have missed here. Why not tell us your favourite aspect of the industry?


All of the staff that work at Kare Plus enjoy these benefits and many more. If you are interested in a role with Kare Plus, please find your closest branch using our “Branch Locator”.


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