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World Cancer Day: 5 key cancer charities

Friday, February 3rd, 2017 | Blog

February 4th marks World Cancer Day; one day a year where the world turns an eye to cancer awareness and prevention. There are over 100 different kinds of cancer, so the more we educate people, the more we can start to prevent it rather than being forced to treat it.


It can sometimes be confusing which charity to donate to as they are all equally important, and they all have an important goal. We’re going to list some charities dedicated to the different forms of cancer and what it is that they do.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Founded in 1911, Macmillan Cancer Support was initially created by Douglas Macmillan after the death of his father. Since then it has developed into one of the biggest charities in the world.


The main goal of Macmillan’s operation is providing support to cancer sufferers. This can be during the diagnosis period or even after a person has gone into complete remission. Macmillan also supports people who are struggling financially.


Macmillan holds the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on an annual basis, an event that has raised over £75 million since its original inception. If you want to find out more about Macmillan Cancer Support, please visit their website here.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is the biggest UK based charity solely focused on the research of cancer. The aim of the charity is to find a cure for the different forms of cancer through research, and thanks to the progress made so far the survival rate for cancer victims has doubled.


Initially opening as The Imperial Cancer Research Fund in 1902, it merged with The British Empire Cancer Campaign in 2003 to become Cancer Research UK. During 2014/2015 the charity spent over £400 million on cancer research.


Cancer Research UK provides an extensive amount of information on its website regarding the different forms of cancer. Access to this information is important for those researching cancer, and also those who have been diagnosed with the disease. To find out more about Cancer Research UK, please visit the website here.

Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now is a new charity spawned out of the merger of Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer Now is a charity dedicated to stopping deaths caused by breast cancer, a goal it wants to accomplish by 2050.


Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer in both men and women across the world and in 2012 it accounted for 12% of all new cancer cases. Fortunately, survival rates are increasing and 80% of all women now survive breast cancer.


Donations made to Breast Cancer Now go to funding research on the disease. Research focuses on four key areas, risk and prevention, early detection and diagnosis, treatment and secondary breast cancer. To find out more about Breast Cancer Now, please visit the website here.


Orchid funds research into the prevention, treatment a diagnosis of testicular, penile and prostate cancer. Formed in 1996, Orchid has spent the best part of two decades supporting those people diagnosed with the aforementioned cancers.


Orchid regularly holds awareness sessions across the country in a bid to help increase knowledge. It is important for men to regularly self assess, as early diagnosis drastically increases survival rates. To find out more information about Orchid, please visit the website here.

Teenage Cancer Trust

Teenage Cancer Trust is a charity focused on supporting young people that have been diagnosed with cancer. Seven young people between 13 and 24 are told they have cancer every day in the UK, Teenage Cancer Trust is there to help them through what is an incredibly tough time.


Teenage Cancer Trust facilities are equipped with TVs, games consoles and other media devices, making what can be an anxious and unnerving experience slightly more welcoming. To find out more about Teenage Cancer Trust please visit the website here.


There are so many charities working tirelessly to cure, treat and support those with cancer. There are plenty of excellent charities that we have missed off the list, so please feel free to post your preferred charity in the comments below. The more exposure a charity receives, the more donations they are likely to receive,  leading to a brighter future for cancer treatment and support.

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