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Cavell Nurses' Trust Scholarship Awards 2017

Monday, January 23rd, 2017 | News

The Cavell Nurses’ Trust Scholarship Awards are all about rewarding UK student nurses with a scholarship designed to help them learn new skills and study abroad. The awards are an annual event that reward hard working nursing students with this once in a lifetime opportunity.

There are six categories that candidates are able to enter:

  • Community Award - For those nurses that put the community at the heart of everything they do.

  • Edith Cavell Leadership Award - An award for nurses that embody Edith Cavell’s Passion and energy.

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Award - Presented to those nurses that demonstrate that they go above and beyond in their studies.

  • Outstanding Student Midwife Award - An award presented to those who show enthusiasm and passion in the midwifery field.

  • Outstanding Student Nurse Award - Awarding those nurses that bring enthusiasm and passion to their studies.

  • Outstanding QARANC Reservist Student Award - Awarding  the determination required to maintain clinical education pathway whilst also completing Phase 1 training as a QARANC Reservist

International study is an excellent addition to any student nursing degree, it shows a willingness to work in different environments and presents a chance to study how medicine is administered across the world. Each winner will receive a scholarship fund of at least £1,500. A runner up in each category will receive a laptop or tablet to help them with their studies.

Those who wish to enter must write a 500-1000 word personal statement on why they believe they should win their particular category. A selection of finalists will be chosen from the entrants, who will then be invited to the Cavell Nurses’ Trust Awards 2017. To see if you are eligible to enter the Scholarship Awards, please visit the Cavell Nurses’ Trust site.


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