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7 super powers that all nurses need

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 | Blog

It’s no secret that nurses are busy people, especially when you consider the demand for healthcare is constantly increasing due to an ageing and growing population. The healthcare industry is under extra pressure during the winter period with staff working long, hard shifts on a daily basis. We’ve devised a plan though, we’re going to give all nurses 7 super powers that will make their job a little less stressful.

Super Speed

There is never enough time in a healthcare environment and rushing between patients can be strenuous, especially if a nurse is taking care of multiple wards. Super speed would make travelling a worry of the past. Nurses could zip between patients without a second thought, increasing time spent with patients and the amount of patients that can be seen. Travelling to and from work would also be a lot easier.


The world is an incredibly diverse place and not everyone speaks the same language. When a translator is not available, relaying information to an ill patient can be very difficult. Having the power to understand all languages would make communication with patients and the families of patients so much easier.


Having the ability to read minds would mean patients are not able to keep their illness a secret, or over exaggerated, and if they did, the nurse would know. This would work especially well in the A&E department where people quite often bend the truth or over-exaggerate their symptoms.

X-Ray Vision

The growing demand within hospitals affects all areas, especially when it is something that involves specialist equipment. This is why there is often a large waiting list to get an X-ray, a vital bit of equipment that gives healthcare professionals a better view of bones in the human body. With X-ray vision this would be instantly possible, so no more waiting times and no more travelling between departments in order to use a machine.

Never Tire

Everyone ends up tired at some point during their week, but due to shifts that regularly last longer than 12 hours, nurses often end up craving coffee and most importantly their bed. This is why the ability to never tire would be excellent, work would be a lot easier and there would be more energy for the periods of time spent at home. You won’t have to worry about adjusting back to regular sleeping patterns either!

Stop Time / Time Travel

The ability to stop time is one that many of us would love, but it is an ability that would serve a great purpose in a hospital. The ability to spend a few more seconds on a decision is one that could save lives, and one that many nurses would love to have.

Predict the Future

This is a fairly obvious one, but the ability to see the future would make health care a lot easier. Not only would nurses be able to see the outcome of a patient's treatment before they were administered it; they would likely foresee a patient before they even entered the hospital! This would greatly reduce the amount of time patients spend in hospital whilst also freeing up nurses to treat more people.


There are a lot of super powers we’d all love to have and probably a few obvious ones that we have missed. Are there any super powers you would like to add to the list?

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