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Is home care your path into the healthcare industry?

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 | Blog

One of the most common questions we receive across our social media platforms is “How can I get into the care industry?”.

It’s a hot topic that a lot of people are incredibly keen on. It’s one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and an industry that is centered around one of the very core elements of human interaction - care. Every person that works in the healthcare industry, from consultants, to nurses, to HCAs, all passionately care about what they do. It’s a job that would be incredibly challenging without that fundamental passion for people.

So how could homecare become your career and how can this career path develop? Read on to find out...


There are lots of different reasons why homecare is a great way into the healthcare industry, firstly it is one of the best ways to gain valuable training and personal development geared to your needs as an individual and structured in a manner which supports those who are new to care as well as those with previous experience.


The role of a typical homecare worker will see you learning to manage a number of day to day challenges and opportunities within a dispersed and changing working environment. It’s a great way to familiarise yourself with caring for an individual and all of the tasks and expectations that are involved. With one to one bespoke packages centered around providing individuals with excellent quality care and support, no two visits are ever quite the same. You would be looking after people within their own homes helping them to maintain independence whilst ensuring that they are supported to ensure dignity and respect at all times.


Kare Plus homecare positions do not require any previous experience in the healthcare industry as we provide full training and support along with structured ongoing training and personal development. This week long training course covers the fundamental basics of care whilst also introducing new staff members to the comprehensive Continued Professional Development programs that are available through Kare Plus. Alongside the initial week long induction, there is access to additional online learning alongside practical training. At Kare Plus we want to ensure that all staff members are prepared before they start caring, giving them the best possible start in their new career.


Homecare working is often very flexible and potentially convenient for those who are looking for flexibility of working patterns, we are often asked when are the busy times for care – quite simply this would be the same as for when you or I would need support – its mornings, lunchtimes, tea times and bedtime.


The convenience and flexibility which homecare working can bring is a great way of developing your skills as an individual and achieveing the roles that you wish to move towards.


Career pathways can see you evolve from a care orker to a field care supervisor or senior carer through to a care coordinator, registered manager and beyond.


Many of our care workers go onto further education and become social workers, nurses and more!


It’s incredibly easy to join the Kare Plus homecare team, for homecare positions and other opportunities please visit the jobs section of the Kare Plus website or contact your local branch today to find out more.

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