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How working as an agency nurse can benefit your career

Thursday, January 12th, 2017 | Blog

In the modern healthcare industry there is a stigma between agency nurses and those that work in the NHS...but what if we told you there doesn’t need to be?


Agency nurses are regularly in demand throughout NHS Trusts across the country, because they are readily available to fill staff shortages. So registering with an agency can give you the opportunity to earn extra income, develop new skills and practice in new settings on top of your day-to-day position.


There are a lot of student nurses working for Kare Plus also, benefiting from the flexible shift hours fitting around their placements and studies, meaning they are also able to earn some extra money at a time when finances can be especially tight.


One of the most beneficial aspects of working with an agency, either whilst studying as a nurse or doctor or working in a full time role, is gaining experience in other fields. Working as an agency nurse or HCA will not only grant employees access to a multitude of different environments, but it will also grant people the opportunity to work with a variety of different healthcare professionals and learn and develop skills.


At Kare Plus we support our nurses; we understand how stressful revalidation can be and the trials and tribulations that are involved. Our team of experienced clinical staff will be on hand to offer ongoing support, advice and information packages to make the process a far easier experience. So if you need some advice and guidance, becoming a Kare Plus nurse will grant you access to the excellent resources that we provide.


So what are you waiting for? Why not join Kare Plus as an agency nurse alongside your full time role or studies and maximize your earnings, increase potential and develop your career. Please contact your local Kare Plus branch on 0333 000 2022


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