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Five reasons to become an agency HCA

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 | Blog

There are hundreds of thousands of health care assistants working in and out of the NHS, providing support and care to those most in need. It’s a role that comes with an immense amount of job satisfaction, and one that is unlike any other position you will ever find. If you’re already in a HCA role, or you are maybe interested in one, we’re going to tell you why you should become an agency healthcare assistant.


1) Agency healthcare assistants enjoy an unrivalled amount of flexibility in shift patterns. Kare Plus health care assistants can not only choose the days they work, but also whether they want to work a night or day shift. This level of freedom gives many agency HCAs the ability to fit work life around childcare and even further education. Kare Plus has many student nurses working as HCAs in their time around university - something only made possible by the freedom of agency work.

2) Kare Plus healthcare assistants are paid on a weekly basis. This removes the worry of waiting to pay bills at the end of the month, or making your paycheck stretch. This weekly pay is something that our HCAs, nurses and home carers benefit from, as we believe it is important for people to be paid for their hard work!

3) Agency HCAs work in a variety of settings and establishments, one day you could be working in your local hospital and another day in an elderly care home. You will regularly change between different wards in the hospital as well. This variety will help establish you as a well rounded HCA that can thrive in a multitude of different scenarios.


4) All of our staff are offered Continued Professional Development through a range of courses and training options. They vary from full day training courses to 3 hour awareness sessions, and the training can encompass anything from infection control to risk assessment. So not only could you be earning, but you could also be learning with Kare Plus!

5) Kare Plus HCAs have access to an incredible support network. A network built up of various medical professionals with experience in nursing and care, so if you ever have any grievances, you can be assured that you will have someone there to talk to that has experience in your field.

If you’re interested in joining Kare Plus as a healthcare assistant, find your local branch here or call 0333 000 2022.


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