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5 last minute gift ideas for nurses

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 | Blog

Christmas is nearly here and although many of you have your shopping sorted wrapped and under the tree, we’re sure there’s a good many of you who are still all set for a Christmas Eve dash this Saturday for the last minute gifts and stocking fillers. Thankfully, we’ve put our nursing hats on and chosen our top five favourite last minute gifts for nurses everywhere - so if your wife, best friend, colleague or neighbour is a nurse, check out the list below to keep in their good books!

Nail Kits

Nurses push their bodies to the limit during a shift. Broken nails and aching joints are a common occurrence among those working a run of nights, so it is important for people to relax and recuperate afterwards. The hands are always in use during a shift, whether it’s helping to lift patients or filling in never ending paperwork. This is why a little hand a nail treatment kit would work wonders for someone who regularly works long shifts in a hospital or care home. It will give them a chance to keep their hands maintained and will give them something to look forward to when they do finish their shift.

It's worth noting that trimmed nails are less likely to potentially hurt patients as well, no one wants to be scratched while they are ill.


Premier gold Elements Nail Kit


Pens! It might sound a bit daft but pens make an excellent gift for a nurse. Nurses have to write everything down, and having a pen at hand is a must have for anyone working on a ward. Treat them to a nice pen, perhaps get in engraved with their name on or a personal message or, if you’re after a quick stocking filler, why not consider a bumper pack of quality biros - after all, they easily go missing!


50 Black Pens!


Moulded Nurse Pen

Travel Mug

The lifeblood of many early starts and long nights is a good cup of coffee (or tea depending on your taste). The only problem is, your workplace may stock terrible tasting coffee; it could be so bad that you would rather deal with being sleepy. This is where a good travel mug can help. The owner can make their own perfect cup of coffee whilst also keeping it hot for hours, meaning they can have an instantly warm cup of good tasting coffee at any point during their  shift - whether they manage to grab a quick break or not!


Interflask Travel Mug 

2017 Calendar or Diary

A calendar or diary is one of the most important presents a nurse can receive. It may just seem like a simple calendar for most people, but for a nurse it enables them to mark down any future shifts. It’s incredibly easy to double book yourself, especially when a shift is booked well in advance and often varies in length and time-of-day With a calendar or diary, every shift that is booked can be easily marked down for later reference.


Nursing Calendar


2017 Diary

Tote Bag

So you’ve got loads of cool little gifts for your friend or loved one that happens to be a nurse, but what do they keep it in? Tote bags offer a lightweight, waterproof storage option while travelling around, meaning nurses can store all their new gifts during the travel to and from work.


Nurse Tote Bag


What are you getting for your nurse friends this year? Share them in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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