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Interview with a student nurse, HCA and mother

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 | Blog

We recently got the chance to sit down and chat to a Kare Plus healthcare assistant. Ester, from Wolverhampton, is an experienced HCA , but outside of work she is also training to become a nurse, whilst also caring for her child - something only made possible by the flexibility that Kare Plus offers!


It was also her birthday yesterday so we’d like to wish her a very happy birthday!

So why did you choose care work?

I was interested in healthcare work for a long time and my dream before starting this role was to become a nurse. I moved here from Netherlands and before moving I studied health and social care. After moving here I found a role in care, which I have now been doing for 9 years; I absolutely love the role and take great joy from supporting people in need.

So how does healthcare vary between the Netherlands and England?

The job is the same and so are the people to be honest, in my mind it’s just people that need help and support. The training in the Netherlands was incredibly intense, in order to become a carer you have to really put your all in.

Do you still want to be a nurse?

Yes, I do. At the moment I am attending college two days a week whilst also working with Kare Plus. Working with Kare Plus has given me the freedom to attend college and care for my child at the same time, the flexibility is brilliant as I am able to balance all three.

Are there any aspects of the working in healthcare that you don’t like?

I only dislike the moments where I am unable to provide the highest level of care possible to customers, this is often when a shift is a bit short staffed compared to usual. I end up having to balance my time between patients far more carefully, which impedes my ability to provide the level of care I strive to meet.

Do you have a favourite memory or patient from your time in care?

Each patient I treat is my favourite, they are all different, but they all need my care and support. I get attached to every person I care for, as I am the kind of person that needs to support those in pain. Working with those that have dementia is incredibly rewarding as they are incredibly reliant on support, to be that person that helps improve their quality of life is the thing I like most."

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