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Kare Plus Supported Living; Raising more than just money at their MacMillan ‘Mad Hatter’s tea party’!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 | Blog

Kare Plus’ Projects Manager, Tess recently attended the Supported Living customer’s MacMillan Coffee Morning. With a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme, the customers, staff and guests had a fantastic time, raising £45 for the cause. Below, Tess has wrote a few words about the day.

On Thursday 29th September, I was cordially invited to Kare Plus Supported Living Services’ Macmillan ‘Mad Hatter’s tea party’, which was held at one of the shared properties in the Midlands.

I was greeted warmly by an eccentrically dressed woman in a striking red wig and a crazy hat, who on second glance I realised was Emma, the Supported Living Manager.  She had gone to a lot of trouble, and it was then I cussed myself for not bringing my hat!  Emma quickly put me at ease and ushered me inside the pristine house jovially.

Feeling rather under dressed in my work attire, I apologetically entered the house with my party treats in to a hubbub of activity and excitement; the Temptations blaring out of the stereo, people playing games and chatting in the lounge and some people cooking. What struck me most though, was the warm and happy family atmosphere, where folk were chipping in to help make this a jolly good party.

I needn’t worried about my lack of ‘mad’ attire as there was plenty to go around. The team made me feel so welcome, as did the customers. Many amazingly detailed homemade hats were being shared around and the cakes…oh the cakes! There went my diet! I may have sampled a few too many, but really, how could I refuse when all had gone to so much trouble with such delicious homemade beauties.

It was great to talk with some of the customers and their families and to hear about bright futures including college courses, adventures and job plans. I was also excitedly informed of some more bright futures ahead with the impending arrival of not one but two Kare Plus babies! 

The party went in to full swing; the sugar rush kicked in and suddenly we were all dancing the Gangnam Style and two hours had flown by. This crew sure knows how to party!

The Supported Living team provide such a wonderful service that makes a serious difference to many lives; mostly vulnerable adults, who get to live their lives the way they choose, with support from our dream teams.

The party raised over £45 for Macmillan, but they truly raised my spirits and I know that they have impacted positively on many others.

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