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What is Cavell Nurses' Trust and what can they do for you?

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 | Raising Awareness

Kare Plus is proud to announce a new partnership with Cavell Nurses' Trust. Over the coming months the Kare Plus Network will be raising money and awareness for the charity.


Cavell Nurses’ Trust is an excellent organisation that provides free support to nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants. They also offer financial support in the form of grants to those that have fallen on hard times. Cavell is an organization dedicated to providing support for those in our society that consistently support us.


For those that are going through a hard time in their workplace or even at home, Cavell Nurses’ Trust is just a phone call away, providing free and confidential support - or maybe you just want someone to talk to.


Cavell isn’t just a thought up concept or name, the charity was created in 1917 with the ideals and morals of Edith Cavell. Edith was famous for her bravery and commitment to saving soldiers during the First World War. It didn’t matter where the allegiance of the soldiers fell, all Edith saw was injured human beings. The Cavell Trust withholds this mentality in modern day nursing, offering support to all those that need it.


Cavell relies on the volunteering and charitable donations of those people that wish to support the charity. People can choose to donate to the charity, or they can get involved and host a fundraiser. There’s so many different ways to help the charity, and so many different ways to give back to those people that were there for us in some of our most difficult times.


We are incredibly excited to announce this partnership and all the benefits it can bring for Cavell and the healthcare community. However, in the mean time keep an eye out for fundraising activities and ideas.


If you want to get an idea of some of the activities Cavell Nurses’ Trust get involved with, please visit their calendar of past events.

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