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The kids are going back to school for a fresh start, but what about you?

Monday, September 5th, 2016 | Blog

The six week holidays are now over, meaning you’ve got more spare time to focus on yourself and your career. The kids get a fresh start with their new school year, and a jumper or blazer several sizes bigger than they actually need (which is often followed by the promise of them growing into it). So, what about your fresh start? How can you follow your kids and start something fresh?

Start a career in healthcare

So, what if you’ve never worked in healthcare before? Well now is as good a time to start as any. There are different ways to get into healthcare, but the quickest route is probably through becoming a healthcare assistant. Domiciliary and residential care are often the quickest routes as they offer on-the-job training, this isn’t the case with every position though as certain positions require previous experience. It’s also worth looking into doing an National Vocational Qualifications(NVQ) course, these can often be done part time as well. So there’s two routes into the healthcare industry for you to consider!

A change of scenery

“What if I already work in healthcare?” - no problem, why not have a change of scenery? There are so many different avenues to go down in healthcare; it’s an incredibly varied career path. Maybe you’ve spent your entire career working in residential care, why not try working in a hospital instead? A change of scenery won’t just reinvigorate you, it will also help broaden your skillset; enhancing your career. You could even go down the Kare Plus agency staff route, our staff work in a variety of health care environments, giving them new experiences and skills on a daily basis.

Approach your revalidation differently

Revalidation is a mandatory process that all nurses and midwives must participate in every three years, its purpose is to ensure that they are up to date with the new technologies and methods used by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Revalidation is a big task and many people approach it differently, but why not get ahead of the game and start preparing early.The extra time you give yourself will help you to complete it efficiently and to a higher standard. If you’re thinking of starting it soon, why not give our guide a read. Nurse Revalidation: who, when, what and how?

Lifestyle change

Maybe you’re perfectly happy in your role, but your lifestyle needs a refresh? Eating a little healthier, and finding some time to exercise will have a massive impact on  your energy levels and output in the workplace.

Plan for the future

Sometimes the best action to take is simply planning for future, your fresh start could be one you plan in the coming months. Is there a new role you have your eye on internally? Why not mention your interest to a manager and start taking proactive steps towards gaining that new role. Your fresh start could just be a new mentality in your career, one that see’s you more keen to progress.


Now that we’ve given you a few ideas for fresh starts, why not get out there and make it happen? If your kids are getting a fresh start, you deserve one too!

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