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Bed-bound Garry regains independence with Kare Plus Supported Living

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 | Blog

When Kare Plus Support Living was set-up two years ago, it was created to help bring independence to individuals like Garry - who suffers from Down’s syndrome, dementia and epilepsy – and his recent turn of events has proven just how valuable the service is to our customers.

Bringing an abundance of energy and youthfulness to his new home and housemates, Garry first came to the Kare Plus Supported Living service in late 2014. A huge West Bromwich Albion supporter, he is often out and about with his housemates and Support Workers visiting The Hawthorns, going on day trips to the coast, playing bowling and watching movies at the cinema – activities he may previously have struggled to achieve.

Following 12 months of increasing independence though, Garry had a big set back last year and has unfortunately been bed bound for many months – a difficult time for himself, his family and the Support Workers who help him achieve new goals every week.

“Garry has been incapacitated and bed bound since last November following an injury which we believe he acquired following a seizure. Everyone has been really worried about Garry as he seemed to go downhill, not being his usual chirpy self,” Supported Living Manager, Emma McFeely explained.

“We recently had the physio in who has finally issued Gary with a wheelchair so we can take him out. He was assessed in his chair and two members of staff decided to take him out for a walk just up the road. Gary was over the moon and you could see in his eyes the emotion of finally being able to get out the house.”

As always, the team have since been working hard to help Gary regain his independence and mobility by taking him out on daily walks, which have already greatly improved his mood and wellbeing.

His health has improved so much, Gary recently joined his Supported Living housemates on a visit to Monkey Forest in Stoke and, according to Emma, he was back to his usual self: “Garry was on top form! He has been laughing, dancing and communicating with staff.

“The staff have been so passionate about getting Garry back out into the community: When you speak to them they have such passion in what they do and these are the kind of staff Garry needs.”

Now Garry is back to his old self, the support team will now begin to help him get out of his wheel chair and back on his feet again!

Kare Plus is proud to be able to provide our Supported Living service and help our customers gain independence and live their lives as full a life as they desire. Without such a service in place, Gary may not have sufficiently recovered from his injuries and could still be bed bound.

It is also thanks to our amazing Support Workers who help our customers constantly achieve new goals and push their boundaries – even if they don’t think so: “The role I have taken in Supported Living I can honestly say is the best job I could ask for and really thank you all for this opportunity!” says Emma.

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