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15 Random Act of Kindness Week ideas

Thursday, March 24th, 2016 | Raising Awareness

All this week it is Random Act of Kindness Week. Defined as a selfless act performed by a person or a group wishing to either assist or to cheer up an individual person”, here at The Caring Company we are proud to back the RAK scheme; spreading some good will and cheer.

No matter how big or small, any well-meaning act can bring happiness and cheer to someone at their time of need – and we would like to get as many random acts of kindness taking place this week as possible!

To get you inspired, below are some wonderful ideas to help you randomly act kind all week and beyond!

  1. Go and say hello to your elderly neighbour
  2. Volunteer at a hospice
  3. Compliment someone
  4. Donate to charity
  5. Say hello to someone in the lift
  6. Ask someone who’s struggling if they need help
  7. Tell a joke
  8. Take flowers or treats to nurses at your local hospital
  9. Have a conversation with whoever’s in the queue behind you
  10. Take food, treats or bedding to an animal shelter
  11. Buy a coffee for a homeless person
  12. Drive an elderly or ill neighbour, friend or relative to an appointment
  13. Say please and thank you more
  14. Call a friend you haven’t spoke to in months
  15. Stop and let a pedestrian cross the road

If you’ve got any more random act of kindness ideas or even any heartwarming stories of kindness, share them with us in our comments below.



Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wadem/

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