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Seven reasons to work in the care industry whilst studying

Thursday, January 14th, 2016 | Blog

Thousands of us have been there; living away from home at University for the first time, struggling for money, but struggling to find work to fit around a scattered lecture timetable.

Retail wants you all day, but you have lectures and lessons in the morning. Hospitality wants you all weekend, but that’s your only opportunity to head home. Kare Plus wants you...well, when would you like us?

Our customers primarily require support in the morning to get organised, around lunchtime, evening meal times and again at the end of the day; so we can often find shift patterns which work around your availability.

The healthcare sector is a real 24-hour industry, providing the opportunity to work shifts that suit your needs. Here at Kare Plus, we always have such a variety of shifts available, meaning you could be working in your lecture-free Monday afternoons, Tuesday mornings and Thursdays evenings.

But, why would you want to work as a carer to support your studies?

1) Flexibility – As said previously, working with Kare Plus can offer a degree of flexibility. As long as you tell us your availability, we can help find shifts that will fit around your needs.

2) Extra income – Wherever you work, you’ll be earning an extra income, but it’s often a myth care work is poorly paid. With Kare Plus, you may be surprised what our branches can offer – especially if you begin to expand your skill set.

3) New skills – Working in the care industry can help you develop a bank of new skills that will help you in all other aspects of your life. From communication, to patience, to empathy. You may already be studying to enter the care industry and some hands-on experience will greatly benefit your studies.

4) Invaluable work experience – When you come to leave college or University, the more work experience on your CV, the better; with a challenging industry such as the care atop of it, many employers will look favourably on your application.

5) Make new friends – All too often as a care worker, you will find the best help you can offer is friendship. Loneliness can cause the onset of physical and mental illness, and with a friendly face to turn to each day you can help your customers keep healthy. You may also be surprised how enlightening and interesting some patients can be.

6) New qualifications – As a new care worker you will be supported by Kare Plus to earn new qualifications that will allow you to understand and demonstrate good practice whilst out in the field.

7) Help the community – Maybe you’re new at University and want to learn more about the local community. As a care worker you will always be out, mixing with local members of society and helping support those in need.

Sound like a challenge you would be interested to learn more about? Contact your local branch to find out more about life as a care worker, share your availability with us and get your new job moving.

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