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Five ways you can help ease the strain on the NHS this winter

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016 | Blog

Almost daily new statistics are being released showing the shocking reality of the nursing and bed shortage that is set to grip the NHS this winter. But, what can you as an NHS customer do to help ease the strain? After all, if you are in need of healthcare, there’s little you can do about it.

Here at Kare Plus we believe care should be available to everyone who needs it, no matter how ill they may be. To help achieve this, we believe steps can be taken at all levels to help people flow through the healthcare system effectively, efficiently and, most importantly, with the help they need.

Here’s five ways that can help achieve this and help you avoid ill health this winter; easing the strain on the NHS.

1) Use NHS 111 – The NHS set up 111 as a point of call for anyone in need of medical attention, but is not suffering from a life-threatening situation. Calling 111 is free of charge on both landlines and mobiles, and you contact a trained adviser, supported by healthcare professionals, that will be able to guide you to the best medical care for you – be that a pharmacist, GP or A&E.

2) Take advantage of the flu vaccine – Flu is one of the biggest concerns during the colder months, but thousands of vulnerable people - particularly children, pregnant and the elderly - have free access to the flu vaccine each year. By ensuring you take advantage of this, you decrease your chance of becoming seriously ill, and therefore limit the chance of you having to enter hospital.

3) Eat and drink well – Eating healthily always holds health benefits, but during winter it is vital in helping your body keep anyway and viruses and illnesses doing the rounds. Along with drinking the recommended eight cups of fluid a day, it can also help your body keep warm.

4) Keep the heating up warm – Ideally, a home should be kept at a constant temperature of 18C to help keep the effects of cold, flu and other illnesses at bay.

5) Visit relatives and neighbours who live alone – Not only does this provide an opportunity to check on their physical health and wellbeing, but it also helps deter loneliness and, as a result, mental health decline – which can lead to a lack of personal care, accelerating the decline of physical well being and increasing the chance of illness.



Image source: Tumblr, lydiashiningbrightly 

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