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Kare Plus Recruitment Open Day 8th October

Friday, October 2nd, 2015 | News

Kare Plus Recruitment Open Day

Come along to the Kare Plus West Midlands Recruitment Open Day on Thursday 8th October 2015. If you are a Healthcare Professional or interested in becoming one, come and talk to Kare Plus, care with a difference.

Kare Plus doesn’t mind admitting that care recruitment can be very difficult.

It isn’t as simple as recruiting anyone at all, make no mistake; not just anyone can be a Care Worker. Not just anyone can possess the qualities that make someone successful in this endeavour.

That’s why when looking for people to join our team, we have to be patient. We have to be precise and we have to be cautious. Ensuring that someone is right for this is a delicate and gradual process, it needs to be clearly established that the person in question has the compassion that is needed. Has the attention to detail that is needed, has the fortitudeand dedication that is needed.

There is a commonly held misconception in some quarters that care is an easy job. That it isn’t too tasking, that it’s money for old rope…. Nothing could be further from the truth. This job is hard, make no mistake about that. It can be tiring and difficult and all consuming. This role will make demands of you that no other occupation is capable of making.

Flipside of that argument is; why should you do it?

Maybe you don’t want a difficult job; maybe you want your job to be easy.  Maybe you don’t want to be pushed into such fortitude testing areas? In which case then no, care isn’t for you. Care is for people looking to make a contribution. Care is for people who can’t go home at the end of a day’s work without knowing that they made a difference.

Care is for people who are looking for a career rather than a job, and care is for people who are doing it for a reason. Any reason; perhaps you cared for a family member, perhaps you’ve just always been naturally caring, perhaps you want to gain experience with a view to one day becoming a Nurse. Perhaps a friend does it and you’ve taken an interest and have become enthused by their stories of why they do it.  These are all good reasons, and they are all reasons that Kare Plushas encountered over and over again in interview after interview.

If you’ve always wanted to work in care or if you are already a carer looking for change; we’d very much like to meet you.

That’s why Kare Plus West Midlands is holding a Recruitment Open Day on:

Thursday the 8th October from 9 am at 8 Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton, WV1 4SA.

We’d like you to drop in, have a cup of tea with us, and tell us why you either want to work in care or why you already do.Kare Plus needs people like you, and that’s why our doors will be open that day for you to visit. Please bring with you anycertificates that you have obtained in the care field as we would be delighted to see them, please also bring identification documents and proof of address.

So don’t wait any longer to embark upon a positive new chapter! Come along to the Kare Plus Recruitment Open Day and find out why care with a “K” is care with a difference, and how you can become a part of making that difference….

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